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teeth whitening before and after

At Home Vs Dentist Teeth Whitening

Few of us are lucky enough to have pearly white teeth into adulthood. Exposure to beverages like coffee and tea, as well as cigarette smoking, can eventually stain teeth and have a detrimental effect on your appearance. The fact is that a large majority of adults would prefer to have...

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tooth brushes in holder

Teeth Cleaning 101

It's just the truth: Some people absolutely dread having their teeth cleaned. Experiences like prodding, occasional jaw discomfort and strange noises can lead to apprehension on the part of patients. But for the vast majority of people, a teeth cleaning procedure is actually...

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root canal in teeth model

Your Guide To Root Canals

Few dental treatments are surrounded by more myths than the root canal procedure. For some people, the name itself conjures up images of horrible suffering inflicted inside some medieval torture device. In reality, most patients find the procedure to be necessary and...

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woman smiling

Porcelain Veneers And You!

Dental veneers are thin shells that we affix to teeth to cover them and enhance your appearance. The most popular type is composed of porcelain. We can bond these customized shells to the front of your teeth to alter their shape, color, length or size. Patients...

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dentist xray of mouth

Oral Cancer: What You Need To Know

Oral cancer is a serious disease that forms in the soft tissues of the throat or mouth. This type of cancer is part of a bigger group of cancers known as head and neck cancers. Oral cancer typically forms in cells found in the tongue, mouth and lips...

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woman smile wearing invisalign

Invisalign: What is it?

In recent years, conventional braces have undergone some radical transformations. The days of bulky, uncomfortable braces are long gone. Appliances like these were replaced with alternatives using brackets that are smaller and less prominent. Today's braces are even less noticeable, with enhancements in size, shape and...

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dental implant graphic

Dental Implants: Frequently Asked Questions

Dental implants have exploded in popularity in recent years for a good reason: they are clearly the best method of tooth replacement. If you have missing teeth, you may make a good candidate for this procedure if you are in good overall health, are a non-smoker, and are not currently on osteoporosis medications...

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person pulling up lip to display their inflamed gums

Gum Disease: What It Is And What To Do About It

Periodontitis, commonly known as gum disease or periodontal disease, starts with the growth of bacteria in your mouth. This dangerous condition can eventually lead to tooth loss when soft tissues surrounding your teeth are destroyed. Gingivitis is a type of gum inflammation that is normally evident before....

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Smiling man at the dentist

Top 3 Reasons for Regular Dental Checkups

Needing to visit the dentist every few months may not be the highlight of the season, but it is vitally important to your health and appearance. If you have ever wondered why regular dental checkups are important, we have something for you to think about...

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Dentist holding dental veneer in front of smile

The Beauty of Dental Veneers

Are you self-conscious about your teeth? Problems like crooked, chipped or discolored teeth can be corrected by getting dental veneers to enhance your smile. Veneers are extremely thin covers that are cemented to the front of your teeth. Dental veneers are rising in popularity right now due to their...

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Dental mirror in mouth reflecting composite dental filling

Filling You In On Dental Fillings

When you think of dental work, the first thing that pops into your head is probably fillings. Other than knowing that fillings are something to treat cavities, you may not have much information about cavities and fillings. You might even believe a number of myths about fillings. Whatever the case...

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Cartoon of tooth damanged

How To Handle Dental Emergencies

Whether it be injured gums or a broken tooth, a dental emergency can really affect your ability to eat, speak, or engage in other normal activities. One good way to avoid unexpected dental emergencies is to avoid using your teeth as tools to open packaging or by giving up hard candies and...

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Smile before and after dental bonding

How Dental Bonding Can Enhance Your Smile

Are you aware that basic lifestyle choices can lead to the loss of your teeth? On average, most adults have 25 remaining teeth. However, those with lower incomes and smokers tend to have fewer teeth. Unless you want to join the estimated four percent of adults without any remaining teeth, you...

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Dental implant with abutment and crown placed

What Are Dental Crowns And Bridges?

Dental crowns and bridges are prosthetic devices that are fixed and placed onto implants or existing teeth using cement. Crowns are typically used to completely cover an implant or a damaged tooth. The main use of bridges is for covering a space caused by one or more missing teeth. Bridges...

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Beautiful girl

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

If you were born with perfect teeth, feel free to skip this post. If you are like the rest of us, don't despair. There are more cosmetic dental treatments available than ever before due to recent innovations in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Minor defects in teeth, including...

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Close up of girls beautiful smile

All About Cosmetic Dental Procedures

How can you achieve the smile of your dreams? For many people, the answer is undergoing a cosmetic dental procedure. The ideal cosmetic dentist is a professional who can not only expertly perform the procedures needed to achieve your goals, they can explain the benefits...

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Woman holding her jaw with tooth pain

How Do I Prevent Cavities?

Did you know that tooth decay is an infection that is the second most common disease, topped only by the common cold? As many as one in four adults have cavities at any given time. Over half of teens also have had cavities. Too often, we take oral health for granted...

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Dental partial sitting in ceramic mold

What are Dental Bridges and Partial Dentures?

People may want to replace missing teeth for a variety of reasons. For many people, their appearance is one important reason. Another common reason is that the space once occupied by a missing tooth can affect surrounding teeth on each side of the resulting gap...

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Traditional braces girl putting on bands

What are the different kinds of Braces?

It is very common to be confused by the dizzying array of available orthodontic treatments. Although you have many choices before you, we can help you determine the right fit for you at your initial consultation with Image Dental & Orthodontics. With all of the...

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All-on-four implant dentures

What Are All-On-Fours and who should get them?

If you require the replacement of multiple teeth, you should start considering All-on-4 dental implants. Since a full mouth restoration using dental implants is expensive, you may want to consider alternatives that are less expensive. All-on-4 dental implants...

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Man in dental chair recieving treatment

Choosing the Right Dentist in 2019

If you need to see a dental health professional, the first step is always to find the best possible dental health professional for you. If you take a look at the Internet, you will see that there are many different dental health professionals to choose from...

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Child smiling with dental staff

Why a Pediatric Dentist is so Important

When it comes to your child’s health, making sure they have regular appointments with a pediatric dentist is important. This is a dentist for kids. Pediatric dental care will make sure that your children’s primary teeth stay healthy so that they do not suffer...

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veneer being placed on tooth

Dental Veneers Will Change Your Life

Dentures can offer an important solution if you have lost a tooth. You may recognize dentures more familiarly as ‘false teeth.’ However, the dental industry has progressed rapidly, and so dentures are nothing like your grandparents may have worn. They look...

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Woman with tooth pain

My Mouth Is Killing Me - Getting Emergency Dental Care

If you have severe pain in your mouth, and it won’t go away, it’s important that you get the help that you need as quickly as possible. In this blog post, we are going to take a look at some of the different dental emergencies and what you should do...

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Invisalign on teeth

Why Invisalign Treatment

There is no denying that an increasing number of people today are turning to Invisalign instead of traditional braces. Nevertheless, you may be wondering why this is the case and what Invisalign can offer that traditional braces cannot. In this...

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Model of dental implant in mouth

What to look for when choosing Dental Implants

Nowadays, there are many different dental treatments and procedures. If you have any sort of dental problem, you will usually find that there are a number of different treatments to choose from. This is certainly the case if you are suffering...

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Woman shaking dentist hand

Choosing The Right Dentist

Choosing the right Las Vegas dentist isn’t straightforward. Type in “dentists near me” in Google and a host of surgeries and clinics will pop-up. Deciding which one is the best dentist is difficult unless you have a framework to sort...

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Child smiling at pediatric dentist

Why A Pediatric Dentist Is Important

Choosing a dentist for kids can be confusing. You don’t know what to look for and what separates children’s dentistry from regular dentistry. Many parents juggle with the idea of opting for a pediatric dentist, questioning whether...

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Dental Veneer On Tooth

Dental Veneers Will Change Your Life

Can you smile without a shiver running down your spine? For most people, smiling is an involuntary reaction that happens when they are happy. For people with damaged or broken teeth, it's a way for people to judge them about their...

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Girl with tooth pain

My Mouth Is Killing Me - Now What?

Pain in your mouth is never pleasant. The chances are that you have a toothache and need to fix the problem as quickly as possible. Once it escalates, a cavity can develop into nerve and gum damage and you might need a root canal...

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Woman placing invisalign in her mouth

Why Invisalign?

Invisalign has entered the market and caused a storm. Now, people who never imagined they would have straight teeth are considering the clear braces. And it’s not hard to see why. With fewer gaps in your teeth and better oral...

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Dental implant in mouth

What to look for when choosing Implant Dentures

When you are thinking about getting dentures, there are a few different options that you will have. The first thing that you need to think about is the exact type of dentures you want. In this blog post, we’ll go over the four...

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Dental implant, abutment, and crown

Dental Implants Vs Dentures

Millions of people all over the country suffer from tooth loss. For some, an innocuous incident can lead to trauma in the mouth that knocks a tooth clean out. For others, poor oral hygiene leads to decay and gum disease, making...

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girl inserting invisalign clear teeth aligners

Invisalign Vs Traditional Braces

What happens when you have crooked teeth? You may have one or two teeth out of their correct alignment, but it makes a significant difference to your smile. You can feel self-conscious as you don’t like how your teeth...

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woman expressing tooth pain

What to do in a Dental Emergency?

Toothache happens to everyone at some point in their life, and it doesn’t matter what you do to avoid it, you are probably going to experience it the same as everyone else. But, this usually occurs at night time, or...

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porcelain veneer next to tooth for comparison

Porcelain Veneers Vs Teeth Whitening

If you are hoping to achieve that beautiful smile that everyone is looking for, then you might want to consider either tooth whitening or porcelain veneers. Achieving the best smile is not an easy task, and...

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child at the dentist

The Importance of Finding the Right Childrens Dentist

As a parent, you are always going to want your children to receive the best dental care possible, but finding the right dentist for your kid can be quite a challenge. There are a number of factors for...

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Doctor phillip devore

Meet The Top Dentist In Las Vegas

Dr. Phillip Devore is the top dentist in Las Vegas, and he has so many people coming to him every year to take care of their dental needs. But, what exactly makes him the best dentist in...

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Many cigarette butts

How Smoking Damanges Your Teeth

In 2017, it was found that 14 out of every 100 U.S. adults aged 18 or older smoked. Regardless of knowing the adverse effects of smoking, 16 million Americans live with a smoke-related...

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Female smiling black and white

Are Genetics The Only Factor That Cause Crooked Teeth?

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, more than one-third American adults are not satisfied with their smile...

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Female sticking tongue out close up

Should You Add A Tongue Scraper To Your Oral Regiment?

Oral hygiene is just as important as taking care of any other part of our body. Yet it is often overlooked. 31.6% percent of adults aged 20–44 and 18.6% percent of children aged 5–19 years have untreated...

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Before and after tooth being whitened

Do Whitening Toothpastes Really Work?

Whitening toothpastes are widely popular in the United States. It’s no surprise that people turn to this beauty enhancement product to whiten their teeth. Whether it’s about hiding their teeth...

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Woman holding popsicle smiling with dental braces

Myth Busting: Discovering The Truth About Braces

any people who’re getting braces for the first time have some misconceptions about the procedure. Very often, people consider braces to be a teenage thing, thus feeling embarrassed if they’ve...

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A box of dental floss and a pair of sunglasses

Flossing 101: All You Need To Know

Don’t you just hate it when there’s food stuck between your teeth and you just can’t seem to get it out? Well, that’s when flossing comes in super handy. But learning how to floss can be a little...

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Child leaning back in dental chair

How To Help A Frightened Child Get Over Their Fear Of The Dentist

Dental anxiety is a prevalent concern that can lead to patients avoiding dentist appointments. According to a study, the fear is particularly strong among 10–15 year old children. Not...

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Little girl brushing teeth

Parenting Hacks: Raising Kids With Good Oral Habits

Developing healthy oral habits in kids can be rather challenging. At a young age, children are less focused on their health and it becomes the parents’ responsibility to instill those habits in them. Failing...

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Lower half of face smiling with braces

Braces Yourself: Signs that Indicate you need Braces

According to CAO over 4 million people in North America have braces! So, if you think you might need them, you’re not alone. Braces have become a rite of passage for most teenagers and adults. They're...

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Two girls smiling outdoors

Summertime Smiles: Your guide to dental care in summer

Summers are a blast! School’s out and you get to spend time with your friends and family. But during this relaxing time, a lot of people tend to forego their disciplined dental care regimen in favor of fruity drinks and late night partying. To ensure that your summer smile stays bright...

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Woman with tooth pain

Code Blue: Dental Emergencies that need to be treated right away

Dental emergencies can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere. Most people tend to take care of these emergencies at home as 59% of people don’t want to deal with costly dental care treatments. However, while some emergencies can be temporarily remedied at home, others need attention...

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Woman smile before and after

Cosmetic Dentistry: You path to a dazzling smile

Your smile is the most prominent feature of your face. In fact it’s safe to say that if eyes are window to the soul, a smile is a gateway to the heart! However, with time we tend to lose our dazzling smile. But not...

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Baby at dental office

Your Ultimate Guide To Baby Teething

Baby teething can be a stressful experience for both the child and the parents. Babies start to get irritable and are unable to sleep at night when teething begins. They’re born with all 20 primary teeth below...

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Woman in dental chair receiving treatment

Aesthetic Bonding: What To Expect

Many people think that cosmetic dentistry costs a great deal of money and is only for the rich and well known. This is certainly not the case and treatments like aesthetic bonding make a delightful smile available...

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Woman receiving dental filling treatment

Signs you need a Dental Filling

One in every eight Americans suffers from teeth sensitivity. These numbers are quite alarming and one can’t help but be concerned. If you’re unable to consume cold beverages and foods, or even enjoy...

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Woman with tooth pain

Reasons and Remedies for cold sensitive teeth

One in every eight Americans suffers from teeth sensitivity. These numbers are quite alarming and one can’t help but be concerned. If you’re unable to consume cold beverages and foods, or even enjoy...

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Young Girl Holding Missing Tooth

How to keep your child's teeth healthy

Children require extensive care from the moment they’re born; a lax parental attitude can result in serious health issues. But what about their oral health? If you believe that they don't have any teeth...

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Dentists examining X-Ray

6 Most Common Dental Problems In The US

Around $125B is spent on dental problems in the US annually, and the figure is expected to increase to $192B by 2026. Dental problems are a part of every person's life. We've all visited the dentist, or taken...

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Man Flossing His Teeth

Brushing your teeth twice a day: Why it's not good enough

If brushing twice a day was enough, all of us would have impeccable teeth. In fact, having oral problems despite regular brushing are very common. According to American Dental Association (ADA), brushing your...

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Cartoon Bottle of Mouthwash

Mouthwash: Is it a foolproof strategy to alleviate gum disease?

Gum disease occurs when the tissue surrounding your teeth gets infected. The infection is generally caused by the accumulation of biofilm, which is a layer of bacteria that can stick to your gums. And...

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Clear aligners being placed on teeth

How to Prolong the Effects of a Professional Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants to have a perfect set of pearly whites. This is part of the reason why cosmetic dentistry procedures are so popular these days. Studies reveal that the top contributing factors for this popularity are...

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Woman getting teeth worked on by dentist

The Ultimate Checklist for Perfect Teeth

The cosmetic dentistry industry has grown immensely in the past few years. The net revenue of the industry touched $16 billion last year! Research shows that this is because of an increased demand for cosmetic dental procedures to preserve the youth of baby...

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Woman biting into carrot

How Healthy Teeth are Linked to a Healthy Diet

Our diet plays a major part in our dental health. Every piece of food we eat has a direct effect on our teeth. Here’s a guide on healthy food choices that are good for your teeth and unhealthy options that damage...

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Broken Tooth

Managing a Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies can happen at any time. Maybe you put off a toothache for weeks, or you had a minor accident that caused a tooth to fall out, the possibilities are endless. When disaster strikes, you can’t wait for a dentist’s appointment. The...

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Woman with dental anxiety covering her mouth

Fear No Longer: 5 Helpful Tips for Relieving Dental Anxiety

In one survey, 36% of people said that they avoided going to the dentist out of fear or anxiety. You don't have to feel ashamed of being scared or nervous about going to the dentist, but you do need to go at least twice a year to...

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Woman in dental chair smiling

Las Braces: How to choose a Las Vegas dentist that's right for you

The dental profession is growing at a fast pace, which can make it difficult to choose the dentist that's right for you. You may have every intention of scheduling your annual dentist appointment, only to get overwhelmed by the number of dental....

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Woman smiling as dentist examins her teeth

No Gray Areas: What You Need to Know About Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Did you know over 40 million people used teeth whitening products last year? They say a smile is the first thing someone notices about you, so it makes sense that people want to have white teeth. But do all those toothpastes and strips from...

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Hand holding invislaign clear aligner tray

A Reason to Smile: How the Invisalign Process Gives You Confidence

Few things make a person more attractive than a great smile. Unfortunately, not everyone is happy with the smile they were born with. The good news is there's a solution available to help you have the smile you've always dreamed of! Each year...

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Young boy with front teeth missing

What Every Parent Needs To Know About Their Kids Losing Teeth

If your child just lost his first tooth, be happy—they’re growing up! It’s little things like this which remind you of how far you’ve come as a parent. Just be careful not to take too many toothless pictures of them, or their friends will give...

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Woman smiling with smiley face baloon in front of ferris wheel

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Prom night is here. You’re wearing the most expensive dress you own. Your hair is tied in a beautiful bun. As usual, your makeup’s on point. You’re walking down the stairs leading toward the ballroom. Everything is picture perfect. But wait...

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Woman smiling

What Are The Causes of Toothaches

Toothaches can affect so many aspects of your day. They make you lose focus at work and bring down your mood. The first thought most people have when experiencing tooth pain is that they have a cavity. Research reveals that...

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Man in dental chair receiving dental treatment

The Importance of Dental Health for Men

According to various surveys, when it comes to taking care of their oral health, men are more likely to neglect this aspect more than women. Moreover, men are at greater risk of developing gum diseases and oral cancer than...

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Woman Flossing Teeth

Waterpik vs Flossing: Which Offers the Better Clean?

There's another debate-cat vs dog, left vs right, and now waterpik vs flossing. Brushing your teeth only cleans three of the five surfaces of your teeth. You can't just clean part of your teeth, and this is where flossing or using a waterpik come into...

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Woman Receiving Dental Cleaning

4 Amazing Benefits of Getting Professional Dental Cleanings

They say making a good first impression is important, and that starts with a great smile. Unfortunately, there's only so much teeth cleaning you can do by yourself at home. Getting regular professional teeth cleanings will get to and clean all those areas you...

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Dental Implants

When Should you get Dental Implants?

If you’ve lost a tooth, you’re probably unsure of what to do next. You’re probably wondering whether it’s worth replacing. Your teeth don’t work individually. They work together to keep your body functioning.If one of them falls off or gets damaged, it affects more...

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Woman Smiling

Whats the Difference Between Cosmetic and General Dental Surgery?

Think of the word “dentist” and you automatically imagine a middle-aged man in a white lab coat, with white gloves and a surgical mask, trying to extract our...

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Young Boy Smiling with Missing Tooth

Dental Bonding Procedures: What are they and what can they do for you?

Living with a chipped or partially broken tooth can do more than just damage your self-esteem. It can leave the nerves in your teeth exposed. Cavities leave teeth vulnerable and in a weakened state, so they’re already prone to...

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Woman with Dark Hair Smiling while Holding Ice Cream Cone

The Root of the Problem: Is a Root Canal Worth it?

Most people associate root canals with excruciating pain. But thanks to modern-day technology and local anesthesia, the procedure doesn’t have to be painful at all. Root canal procedures are used to treat severely infected tooth (or teeth). Your dentist will...

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Two Dental Operatory Chairs

Why Regular Dental Checkups for Adults are Important

According to CDC statistics, when it comes to visiting dentists and receiving the minimal required regular dental care – adults in America seem to fall short! This may be because as adults, we feel we’re already on top of our oral health as it is...

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Dentist Examining Womans Mouth

Are Root Canals and Tooth Extraction One and the Same?

Among the many health concerns in the US, oral health is definitely up there. With numerous Americans complaining about having poor or sub-par oral health, it isn’t surprising that every now and then, people need to go in for serious dental procedures...

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How To Choose The Right Toothbrush

With the holidays right around the corner, you want to ensure your teeth stay in tip-top shape so you can enjoy all the delicious food, desserts especially. We know you'll be chowing down on all sorts of food including candy, bread, and wine in the upcoming months...

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How Important is Flossing?

You hear it every time you go to the dentist: flossing is crucial to healthy teeth. But, even though you nod your head and smile while in the dentist's chair, flossing is probably not at the top of your to-do list every day....

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Woman Smiling

5 Things You Should Do Regularly To Care For Those Teeth

Forget about losing your smile; poor oral health can mean pain, discomfort and inconvenience. It can also do a number on your overall physical health! It is known that the need for oral health care increases with age; however, it always...

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Dental Office Chair

3 Signs Your Dentist Visit Is Long Over Due

If you visit the dentist between one and three times a year, good on you! If however you’re you’ve been falling behind on your appointments and notice any or all of these symptoms, you might’ve set yourself up for...

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Pediatric Dentist Smiling with Child Patient

Everything You Need To Know About Pediatric Dentistry

Kids are as enthusiastic about dentist appointments as they are about doing homework, but as parents, nothing is more important to you than the health of your children, including oral health. We know that primary teeth don’t last forever, but poor state....

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Sedation Dentistry Equipment

Different Types of Sedation Dentistry

Do you feel your heart race as soon as you sit on the dentist's chair? Do you start sweating at the sight of shiny dental instruments? Well, you’re not alone....

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Toothpaste on Toothbrush Bristles

Perfect Smile: Everything You Need To Know About Getting Veneers

Do you wish you had that perfect smile that you see on celebrities? Well, it isn't good genetics that give our favorite celebs those flawless pearly whites....

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Girl Smiling Wearing Braces

5 Reasons to Get Braces for Adults Who Want to Improve Their Smile

While the word "braces" usually elicits the image of a teenager with headgear, that's not the entire demographic. Did you know 1 in 5 patients in orthodontia are over the age of 18?...

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Toothpaste on Toothbrush Bristles

Teeth Whitening Toothpastes are they Effective

Choosing toothpaste is not as simple as it used to be. These days, there are over fifty different types of toothpastes available. Alongside your typical fluoride toothpaste, there are now products that claim to be especially effective against tartar, ones...

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Woman Smiling Wearing Braces

Signs That May Need To Visit An Orthodontist

Many people are under the impression that dentists and orthodontists are the same. Although the two professions have certain similarities, orthodontists are specialists that deal with specific types of dental problems. Dentists, on the other hand, deal...

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Various Desserts

Do Teeth Whitening Strips Really Work? | Cosmetic Dentistry Las Vegas

80% of Americans say they want whiter teeth. 60% of them believe a brighter smile will have a positive impact on their confidence levels. It's no wonder then that teeth whitening is the #1 most requested cosmetic procedure in the United States. If...

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Various Desserts

Top 7 Worst Foods for Your Teeth | Image Dental Las Vegas

Taking good care of your teeth goes way beyond regular brushing and flossing. You also have to stay on track with your dental appointments and pay attention to what you eat, too. That's right, too much of the wrong foods can wreak havoc on your dental...

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Yellow Smiles Vs. White Smile

How Does Tooth Whitening Actually Work | Cosmetic Dentist Las Vegas

How many times have you heard the phrase, "does tooth whitening work?" We're willing to bet more than a few times. Everyone wants whiter teeth but no one seems to know if it's possible. You've heard about charcoal, whitening strips, and more. They all...

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Girl Holding Invisalign and Traditional Braces

Invisalign or Braces: Which is Better | Dentist Las Vegas

Invisalign or braces? Many a man has fallen under the strain that this decision brings... Okay, it's not that serious, but knowing which one to get can be a pretty big deal. Both braces and Invisalign have their advantages and disadvantages, so you need...

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DIY braces smile

DIY Braces Can Ruin Your Smile | Dentist 89117

You may have read stories about people and their experiences with braces, and if you do not like the idea of visiting the orthodontist every few weeks for a tightening appointment, the sound of a possible “Do-it-yourself” solution can be tempting, but...

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Teeth Whitening Blog

What Should I Do After Having My Teeth Whitened? | Cosmetic Dentist 89117

After having your teeth whitened, you're going to want to do everything you can to keep those pearly whites nice and bright - and here's how you can do that...

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invisalign smile

5 Benefits of Using Invisalign® to Improve Your Smile | Invisalign 89117

If you're unhappy with your teeth and you're trying to decide if you should go with Invisalign or braces. Today, we're going to highlight the benefits of using invisalign® so you can make a decision....

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