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Dental Care 101: 5 Things You Should Do Regularly to Care for those Teeth

Nov 13, 2018
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Those of us with healthy teeth and gums have no idea what a hassle poor oral health can be.
Forget about losing your smile; poor oral health can mean pain, discomfort and inconvenience. It can also do a number on your overall physical health! It is known that the need for oral healthcare increases with age; however, it always makes sense to be on top of your oral care and hygiene from the get go!    


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Starting with the most obvious, regular brushing is necessary to remove any leftover foods and bacteria, which may be present in your mouth and between your teeth. The recommended minimum is to brush twice a day— once when you wake up and once before bed.
That being said, if you smoke, you might want to brush gently a little more frequently to prevent tar accumulation. By removing impurities and killing bacteria that cause tooth decay, regular brushing is extremely effective when it comes to dental care.


Apart from brushing, frequent rinsing of the mouth is also recommended. This supplements the cleaning you do with a brush as water can make it into spaces where your brush bristles may not. You may rinse using either regular tap water or even salt water or mouthwash if you feel you need a bit of an extra cleaning.
Rinsing your mouth after meals and anytime in the day you feel you need to will help prevent tooth decay and bad breath.

Brush Replacement

This is something that often goes ignored but any dentist who knows their stuff will tell you that brush replacement is essential for oral care. The bristles on an old toothbrush tend to lose shape and become misaligned. This may cause gum damage. Further, the older your toothbrush, the higher the chances of it becoming a hotbed for bacteria! This is even if you do rinse it before and after use.
To prevent gum damage and the introduction of extra oral bacteria, make sure you replace your toothbrush every three months or so.

Diet and Consumption Habits

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What you eat as well as how you eat plays a massive part in determining your oral health. By way of what you eat; it is essential to maintain a healthy and balanced diet with the right amount of vitamins and nutrients. Vitamin and nutrient deficiencies as you may well know result in tooth and gum decay and damage among other things. Premature loosening of teeth and gum recession can often be the result of a poor diet.
Further, eating things that will likely stick in your teeth and going to bed immediately after is also not the best of ideas. Make sure you limit the sweet and sticky to a good few hours before bed.

Dental Visits

A big mistake many make is to visit the dentist only when something goes terribly wrong. Oftentimes, complains and problems people come in with are the sort that could have been prevented through early detection and treatment. Unfortunately, by waiting till the last minute, people have to deal with a lot more than they would have had they just come in earlier.
It is a good practice to visit your local dentist at least once every three months for a general checkup. If you’re an adult, you might even want to come in for cleanings and scaling. In any case, regular dental visits are important and really help when it comes to making sure your teeth and gums are well kept!

Winding Down

If you stay on top of the pointers we have gone over above, chances are you will have impeccable oral health and won’t have to worry about any massive dental procedures for a long time!   
If you’re located in Las Vegas and are looking for a dentist offering reliable cosmetic and general dental services among others we’re happy to help! If you require dental care immediately, we can accommodate!   

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