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Aesthetic Bonding: What to Expect?

April 30, 2019

Many people think that cosmetic dentistry costs a great deal of money and is only for the rich and well known. This is certainly not the case and treatments like aesthetic bonding make a delightful smile available to all. This uncomplicated, single-session procedure can have a stunning effect to the appearance of your smile with no torment, needles or complications.
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What is it?

Aesthetic bonding is a general cosmetic dental procedure, which can visible changes to your beautiful smile. The significance of dental bonding is that it’s generally completed within a single checkup/appointment and the patient might or might not require dental anesthesia, making it less expensive than general porcelain restorations.
Aesthetic bonding involves blending and reshaping teeth. Bonding uses tooth coloring materials that may be bonded to the tooth according to a specific color, shape, change and length. This material may also be utilized for a full covering on your teeth’s front surface (Veneer Surface).

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What are the Benefits?

Aesthetic bonding can create remarkable differences on your look, particularly your smile, which doesn’t only make you seem attractive but also improves your confidence. This dental procedure is less expensive as compared to veneers; furthermore, it’s less invasive. Dental bonding can deliver noticeable results in an instance, without any particular waiting period before you try out that new smile!

How Does the Procedure Work?

Here’s a step by step brief on how the bonding process takes place:

  1. The dentist will begin by using a shade/color guide for selecting the color of the composite resin which matches the shade/color of your tooth.
  2. Once the dentist is done choosing the resin, she/he will slightly edge or scrape the tooth’s surface to make it rough. Afterwards, the tooth would be lightly coated with some conditioning liquid, which would help to properly stick the bonding material.
  3. When your tooth is being prepared, the dentist would apply the colored resin. This would be smoothed and molded until it takes proper shape. Afterwards, the dentist would use an ultraviolet laser or light beam to harden the material.
  4. After the resin hardens, the dentist would further shape and trim it. Then the dentist would polish the hardened material until the color matches the rest of your teeth.
  5. The procedure usually takes no more than an hour for completion, but it may require more time or several visits if you’re getting more than one tooth treated.
  6. Refrain from consuming coffee, cigarettes and tea as they can damage the resin’s quality and cause staining. It's necessary to avoid drinking, smoking or eating anything that might stain the resin for at least 48 hours after the procedure. Furthermore, you should regularly brush your teeth and make regular visits to your dentist for cleaning.

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