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All About Cosmetic Dental Procedures

December 5, 2019

How can you achieve the smile of your dreams? For many people, the answer is undergoing a cosmetic dental procedure. The ideal cosmetic dentist is a professional who can not only expertly perform the procedures needed to achieve your goals, they can explain the benefits of these cosmetic procedures.

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The field of cosmetic dentistry has advanced so much in recent years that patients are sometimes overwhelmed by the variety of choices available. Let's take a look at four of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures and how they can help you enhance both your self-esteem and smile.

1. Teeth Whitening

A bright white smile makes you look more healthy, confident and attractive. Unfortunately, many of the foods and drinks that we consume, as well as tobacco use, tend to stain our teeth, leading to a less attractive smile.

Teeth whitening has been one of the most popular and basic types of cosmetic dental procedures for years. Although at-home teeth whitening kits are available, we can help you achieve professional results that are more immediate, impressive and long lasting.

A teeth whitening procedure is suitable for anyone who only needs a bit of brightening, or for someone who does not want to make a huge commitment. It is also quite affordable when compared to many other dental procedures.

2. Dental Implants

Dental implant procedures have been spiking in popularity lately. This makes a great treatment choice when you want to replace missing teeth or fix gaps or holes in your smile. The implant itself is a titanium screw that is placed within your jawbone. Your jawbone will fuse to the implant, to which we later attach a crown.

3. Composite Bonding

Also known as "plain bonding", composite bonding is a procedure that we use to correct damaged, decayed or discolored teeth. We perform this procedure by removing tooth decay by drilling holes in the affected tooth. We will fill the holes using a special bonding material matching the color of your original tooth. We then expertly sculpt and reshape the material with a curing light.

4. Invisalign

Getting braces is almost a rite of passage for many people. Many adults have decidedly unpleasant memories of wearing metal braces and everything that went along with them. Fortunately, technology has advanced in recent years, making the process of teeth straightening a much more pleasant experience for the wearer. For example, clear plastic makes the treatment far less visible than traditional metal braces.

The Invisalign treatment process consists of the placement of clear aligners that are periodically swapped out to gradually shift your teeth into their proper positions. Since these aligners are removable, brushing and flossing becomes a breeze. Invisalign wearers also have fewer restrictions on what they can eat. You simply remove your aligners to eat, and put them back in when you're done.

There are so many different types of cosmetic dental procedures that it can be difficult to decide by yourself what makes the best choice for you and your unique needs. If you would like more information, or would like to schedule a consultation, we invite you to reach out to Image Dental & Orthodontics today to take your smile to the next level with one of our cosmetic dental procedures.

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