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Brace Yourself! Signs That Indicate You Need Braces

May 29, 2019
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According to CAO over 4 million people in North America have braces! So, if you think you might need them, you’re not alone.
Braces have become a rite of passage for most teenagers and adults. They’re your way to a better and healthier smile, which can boost your confidence and give you a complete personality makeover!
But what makes you eligible for braces?
Let’s find out!

Are you Unhappy with Your Current Smile?

The world that we live in today, judges us based on our appearance. As unfortunate that is, it’s the truth. This superficial attitude can result in severe anxiety and body-image issues. These can worsen if you’re self-conscious about your smile.
Therefore, if you’re unhappy with your smile or feel uncomfortable smiling out in public, getting braces will help you.
The braces won’t just give you a beautiful smile but it will also help you become more confident in your skin and become proud of who you are!

You have An Extra Tooth!

Perhaps God blessed you with some extra canines. But that’s just because He loves you that much more! However, this token of love can be stress on your jaw and overall gum structure. This condition is caused hyperdontia and while in extreme cases you would need extensive dental procedures, a single extra tooth can be taken care of with braces.

You Have Problem Chewing!

Crooked teeth can also make it difficult for people to chew properly. Moreover, you can face problems with overbite and underbite.
The irregular placement of your teeth can also lead to cavity formation as food can get stuck in your teeth. This can be a hassle every time you bite into a chicken wing. Getting braces will straighten the distorted shape of your jaw and bring all your teeth in line so you can chew your food without any trouble!

Future Dental Problems!

It might seem like you don’t need braces now. The irregularity of your teeth doesn’t bother you and you’re happy the way you look. But remember, having an overbite or displaced teeth can cause dental problems further down the line.
Therefore, it’s best to get in touch with the top dentist in your area and talk to them about getting braces!
We at Image Dental & Orthodontics have some of the best dentists in Las Vegas on our team! Who can help you take care of your teeth and get the beautiful smile that you deserve!

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