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Dental Implants Vs Dentures

August 26, 2019

Millions of people all over the country suffer from tooth loss. For some, an innocuous incident can lead to trauma in the mouth that knocks a tooth clean out. For others, poor oral hygiene leads to decay and gum disease, making the tooth either fall out or require extracting.

Veneer lifted away from tooth

Regardless of why your teeth have fallen out, you want to get the best treatment for them. Traditionally, dentists would recommend dentures. These are false teeth that are made to fit in your mouth and can be removed and cleaned. However, modern technology and dental advancements have paved the way for a better alternative; dental implants.

If you’re looking for dental implants near me, then we’ve created a guide that you’ll find useful. We’ll talk about the critical differences between dentures and dental implants, and why the latter is a better solution.

Dental implants are permanent replacements for your teeth

The key difference is that dentures aren’t fixed into your mouth. Dental implants are permanent replacements for lost teeth. In fact, the process for providing implants actually fuses them to your jawbone. Metal rods are essentially fused into place, and you get a crown attached to them. They look just like regular teeth, and they never need to come out, making them highly convenient.

Dental implants are more comfortable

While the treatment involved in getting dental implants may be slightly painful, the pay-off is that they’re so comfortable. In fact, you probably won’t feel anything at all once they’re fixed and in place. By comparison, dentures are known to rub against the top of your mouth and your gums. Many patients complain of ulcers and bleeding, which is far from ideal.

Dental implants prevent bone loss

When you lose a tooth, the bone beneath it starts to resorb. This can cause issues with surrounding teeth as it weakens their structure and makes it likely they’ll fall out as well. Dental implants are beneficial as they act like a regular tooth. By fusing to the bone, it prevents bone loss from occurring and keeps the surrounding teeth stable.

Dental implants are easier to look after

Dentures need to be taken out and cleaned every single day. This involves soaking them in a solution and brushing the teeth as well. With dental implants, you don’t have to worry about any additional maintenance. Just make sure they get cleaned when you brush your teeth and be sure to floss around them as well.

When you take all things into consideration, dental implants are clearly a better solution for lost teeth. They fit perfectly in your mouth and mimic your existing teeth. Nobody will know that you have a fake tooth in your mouth, even if they get up close. Dentures are cheaper, and they can be made quicker, but they’re nowhere near as convenient as dental implants. Plus, if you get your implants provided by a dental implants specialist, then they can theoretically last a lifetime.

If you have missing teeth and want to do something about it, then feel free to contact us today. We can put you in the hands of a dental implants specialist and provide a long-lasting solution to your problem.

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