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Filling You In On Dental Fillings

January 12, 2020

When you think of dental work, the first thing that pops into your head is probably fillings. Other than knowing that fillings are something to treat cavities, you may not have much information about cavities and fillings. You might even believe a number of myths about fillings. Whatever the case may be, fillings have definitely developed a reputation as being painful and extremely negative.

dental mirror in mouth revealing composite dental filling

The reason that fillings have such a bad reputation is understandable. We all know the cavities are harmful to teeth. When you find out that you have one, it is not good news. Unfortunately, many have associated this bad news with the treatment for the condition itself. Let's take a closer look at how fillings work and why you should not hesitate to get one when needed.

Tooth Cavities

A cavity is simply a hole that remains when tooth decay results in the destruction of part of your tooth. Inside the cavity will be the same bacteria that caused it. Left untreated, tooth decay will continue spreading and damaging your tooth.

When we perform a filling procedure, we remove decay within the cavity. This is normally performed using a drill and followed by filling in the hole. The removal of the tooth decay will keep the tooth from being damaged further. The filling part of the procedure is where we actually fix the damage that was caused to your tooth.

Today, dentists typically create fillings using composite resin, although silver amalgam is still also used. We determine the size and shape of the cavity and mold the filling material to match it. This helps to strengthen the tooth to prevent further decay in this vulnerable site. Dental fillings restore complete functionality and health to the tooth. We can even create a composite filling matching the color of your tooth.

Dental Fillings Procedure

We begin by thoroughly numbing your tooth with the use of a local anesthetic via injection. Before beginning, we will ensure that your gums and jaw are completely numb. Using a dental drill, we then remove the tooth decay.

Once we have removed all of the tooth decay, we insert the filling. The precise technique for inserting your filling depends upon the materials used for the dental filling that you are receiving.

Don't Delay

Getting a tooth filling is not something that anyone wants, but this simple and routine procedure can help prevent more serious and expensive damage down the road.

If you suspect that you may need a dental filling, or are experiencing any other type of problem with your teeth, please call Image Dental & Orthodontics right away. Whenever part of a tooth is destroyed by tooth decay, it tends to become increasingly sensitive due to exposed nerves. Removing the tooth decay is not enough; we must also fill in the cavity to prevent further damage and the eventual loss of the tooth.

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