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How Does Tooth Whitening Actually Work | Cosmetic Dentist Las Vegas

August 19, 2018

How many times have you heard the phrase, "does tooth whitening work?" We're willing to bet more than a few times. Everyone wants whiter teeth but no one seems to know if it's possible.

You've heard about charcoal, whitening strips, and more. They all work in some capacity but not as well as a dentist visit. Yes, the dentist is your best tooth whitening option.

Today, we want to talk about why you should ditch the white strips and visit the dentist. We'll explain how tooth whitening actually works and why you should consider brightening your chompers.

Let's get started.

Why Whiten?

You want whiter teeth. Are we right? Of course we are, and we were hardly guessing. People love white teeth. The happiness attached to a whiter, brighter smile isn't just conjecture, it's fact.

Surveys show that 80 percent of Americans aged 18 to 49 want whiter teeth. What's more, 6 out of 10 people believe a whiter smile would boost their confidence.

Getting to the dentist can improve your life.

So Why Does Tooth Whitening Work?

Before we can talk about whitening, we need to talk about why teeth don't stay white forever. Your teeth are composed of an inner dentin layer and a hard outer enamel. When you eat, drink, smoke, etc. the foreign particles attach to your enamel.

The particle film on your enamel is strong. Brushing can sometimes destroy the film, but more often than not removing the film takes scraping or chemicals. Scraping happens during a routine cleaning. Chemicals are the "tooth whitening" process.

The longer the pellicle (particle) layer sits on your enamel, the more it seeps into the enamel itself. You'll need strong chemicals to remove older stains. Typically, most people who want tooth whitening have set-in stains.

The Whitening Process Itself

In-office whitening uses a combination of carbamide or hydrogen peroxide. The chemical ratio depends on the each patient's needs. Dentists first clean the teeth and then polish them with a pumice stone. Next, the dentist covers the gums.

Finally, the dentist fills dental trays (think mouth guard) with anywhere from 15 to 35 percent hydrogen peroxide. The patient bites down onto the tray and waits around 40 minutes.

Each in-office procedure whitens your teeth anywhere from four to six shades. Some dentists use high-intensity light to expedite the bleaching reaction and increase the whitening.

The bleaching procedure works thanks to your enamel's porous nature. The same pores that let in pellicle also let in hydrogen peroxide.

Our Final Answer to "Does Tooth Whitening Work" and How to Start Whitening

Does tooth whitening work? Yes, tooth whitening does work. Your porous enamel allows your dentist to bleach your teeth with hydrogen peroxide. After a good scrape and bleach, your teeth will look good as new.

So if you're ready to whiten your smile, get in touch with us. Our experts know can get you on the way to a whiter smile. You won't regret your choice.

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