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How to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

Mar 28, 2019
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Children require extensive care from the moment they’re born; a lax parental attitude can result in serious health issues. But what about their oral health? If you believe that they don’t have any teeth at birth, and that their oral health is irrelevant till they do, you’re very wrong.
Children do have teeth at birth (you just can’t see them) and they do require proper care. Let’s see how you can help your child maintain proper oral health

Baby Dental Care

Your baby has 20 teeth at birth, some of which are completely developed inside the jaw. Here’s how you can take care of these teeth before they spring out.

Children’s Dental Care

The ADA recommends that a child visit the dentist by their first birthday. The dentist will teach the child basic brushing and flossing techniques and also do an exam to spot any problems early on. These checkups should be made regularly and if any problems arise, the relevant specialist should be referred to.
The most common dental issues with children are cavities. Sugar substances and other junk food particles remain on children’s teeth for a long time, creating a condition known as bottle mouth. Prolonged bottle mouth causes severe cavities and, ultimately, the loss of all of a child’s teeth. The following steps should be taken to prevent the onset of bottle mouth.

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