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Invisalign Vs Traditional Braces

August 22, 2019

What happens when you have crooked teeth? You may have one or two teeth out of their correct alignment, but it makes a significant difference to your smile. You can feel self-conscious as you don’t like how your teeth look. Thankfully, solutions are available to this problem - with traditional metal braces being highly popular.

Veneer lifted away from tooth

Nowadays, there’s a new option on the market; Invisalign clear braces. But, what are these - and how they stack up to regular metal braces?

How do they work?

Both Invisalign and traditional braces do the same job. When you wear braces, metal brackets and rubber bands work to pull your teeth into their proper alignment. With Invisalign, the same thing is done, only with plastic aligner trays. Your teeth are slowly straightened out, but you don’t need to have anything glued to your teeth.

Invisalign is more subtle

The differences begin when we look at visibility. Braces are clear for all to see, which can be damaging for your confidence levels - particularly if you’re an adult. So, Invisalign is beneficial as you basically have clear braces. No one can see them, so you can feel more self-confident. Plus, they’re easy to talk with as well. Braces can sometimes lead to lisps or other speech issues, but Invisalign won’t alter your ability to communicate.

Invisalign is more comfortable

When you receive your Invisalign trays, they’re designed to fit perfectly in your mouth. This is done using x-rays and 3D imaging, and the results are excellent. Many patients claim they’re far more comfortable than braces because you don’t have metal wires glued to your teeth. Braces can often cause sores and pain, while discomfort is kept to a minimum with Invisalign. After all, the trays are made from BPA-free plastic that’s designed to be non-irritable in your mouth. Plus, because they’re made for your mouth, this limits the chances of any rubbing against your gums.

Invisalign is more convenient

If you have braces, then you may find it harder to eat certain foods. Not only that, but you’re discouraged from eating things that may damage the metal brackets. Plus, food can sometimes get caught in the wires, making them very hard to clean. To make matters worse, cleaning your teeth is harder as well. Often, patients see discoloration when they take their braces off as the metal brackets stopped parts of their teeth from being brushed. By contrast, Invisalign is very convenient. You can take the trays out to eat, brush your teeth as usual, and clean the trays using the Invisalign Cleaning System.

By all means, braces are still an effective treatment for treating orthodontic issues. However, Invisalign will do everything a set of braces can do, while being invisible and more comfortable. The treatment periods are usually shorter as well; Invisalign can be worn for as little as two months, while braces are on for up to two years - possibly longer. If you want a subtle solution to fix your crooked smile, then consider getting Invisalign clear braces today. Call us now, and we can schedule an appointment with a specialist.

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