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Porcelain Veneers And You!

March 5, 2020

Dental veneers are thin shells that we affix to teeth to cover them and enhance your appearance. The most popular type is composed of porcelain. We can bond these customized shells to the front of your teeth to alter their shape, color, length or size. Patients normally prefer veneers made from porcelain because this material is known for superior stain resistance and light reflection properties.

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If you are like most patients, you will have some questions before deciding upon any type of treatment. If you have any remaining questions after reading this post, you can receive more information at a consultation with your team at Image Dental & Orthodontics.

What kind of problems can porcelain veneers correct?

One major reason that many patients have their teeth treated with porcelain veneers is to correct teeth that are stained or discolored. This may be due to root canal treatment, stains from certain antibiotics and other drugs, or other problems like teeth that are chipped, broken or worn down. Some patients receive porcelain veneers to correct teeth that are uneven, misaligned or shaped irregularly, as well as teeth that have gaps between them.

What is involved with getting a porcelain veneer?

A porcelain veneer procedure normally involves three dental trips. One visit is your initial consultation. The next two are for constructing and applying your porcelain veneers. You may have one tooth treated during your visit, or many teeth simultaneously.

Diagnosis and Planning

The process of receiving your porcelain veneer begins with your consultation. This is an appropriate time to share with us your treatment goals. We can also examine your teeth during this visit to ensure that porcelain veneers make the best treatment choice for you and your individual needs. You will be given some information regarding treatment details and some limitations of the treatment. X-rays and impressions of your teeth and mouth may also be taken.

Preparation Phase

This phase of the procedure involves preparing your tooth to receive a veneer. At this time, we will reshape the surface of your tooth to allow for the placement of the porcelain veneer. You may receive a local anesthetic before we trim the enamel. We will then form an impression of your tooth, which is sent to a dental lab. This lab is where your veneer will actually be constructed. It can take anywhere from two to four weeks to receive your custom veneers from the lab. In some cases, temporary dental veneers can be worn until your permanent ones are ready.

The Bonding Procedure

Before we permanently place your porcelain veneer, we will ensure that its fit and color are correct. After making any necessary fit and color changes, we will clean and prepare your tooth to ensure a strong bonding process. We then apply a special cement to the veneer, which we place over your tooth. We will use a special light to cure the bonding material so that it hardens quickly.

Finally, we will remove any excess cement, check your bite, and make any needed adjustments to the veneer. You may be asked to schedule a follow-up visit in a few weeks to check on your progress and examine the placement of your porcelain veneer.

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