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Reasons and Remedies for Cold Sensitive Teeth

April 30, 2019

One in every eight Americans suffers from teeth sensitivity. These numbers are quite alarming and one can’t help but be concerned. If you’re unable to consume cold beverages and foods, or even enjoy a bit of cool breeze without feeling tooth pain, well then you’re probably dealing with cold-sensitive teeth. They are quite common; however, it’s vital to know that cold-sensitive teeth are not the same as gum disease/tooth decay. Invisalign blog image
When your tooth enamel starts wearing out or your gums start receding, the nerves within your teeth are left exposed, which leads to cold-sensitive teeth. So what are the reasons for these dental problems?

Reasons for Cold Sensitive Teeth

Gum Disease or Tooth Decay

If your teeth ache when you aren’t consuming anything cold, you might be experiencing early stages of gum disease or tooth decay. The plaque buildup and wearing out of the enamel through decay and gum disease contributes to teeth sensitivity from cold items, as the nerves of your teeth are left exposed without any protection.

Excessive Use/Intake of Cleaning Products/Acidic Drinks

This is a widely discussed issue, to what extent should cleaning products be used? Excessive use of teeth whiteners, over brushing your teeth and the acids from your everyday intake of drinks, like wine and coffee can all damage your enamel. This consequently results in cold-sensitive teeth.

Stress and Grinding Teeth

Teeth sensitivity to cold can also develop if you’re a regular teeth grinder which can wear away your tooth enamel. Excessive teeth grinding is usually due to stress, you should consult professional dentist to help you relieve your stress. Moreover, a dental professional in Las Vegas can help you limit teeth grinding by providing you with the available dental options.

Teeth Cracks

Invisalign blog imageSooner or later, your teeth develop tiny cracks as they contract and expand from the exposure to cold and hot temperatures. These cracks provide a pathway for external elements to directly affect the nerves, which makes your teeth sensitive to all cold items. Consult your doctor for the appropriate treatment.


To remedy teeth sensitivity, your dentist would recommend the following:

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