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Top 3 Reasons for Regular Dental Checkups

January 26, 2020

Needing to visit the dentist every few months may not be the highlight of the season, but it is vitally important to your health and appearance. If you have ever wondered why regular dental checkups are important, we have something for you to think about.

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Some people consider skipping their dental visits because of factors like dental anxiety or cost. These people rarely consider all of the risks involved. You may save some money in the short run, but you are likely to more than pay for it in the long run.

Here are three reasons why you should regularly visit your dentist:

1. Oral Cancer Detection

When you think of dental visits, you don't normally think of something so serious. Unfortunately, oral cancer is a life-threatening disease when left undetected and untreated. Fortunately, oral cancer can be easily treated when detected in its early stages.

Your team at Image Dental & Orthodontics is trained to detect symptoms of oral cancer at your regular dental checkups. Maintaining regular visits means that if you should be so unfortunate as to develop this type of cancer, it would likely be detected early when it is easily treatable. Even if you do not notice signs and symptoms, we will.

2. Cavities

Even if you have a good oral hygiene routine at home, there are small areas in your mouth that can become problem areas when you miss them. A film can develop on your teeth called plaque. When this plaque accumulates on the surface of your teeth, it can harden and turn into tartar, which requires professional help to be removed.

When you undergo regular dental cleanings, this tartar can be prevented from damaging your teeth and forming cavities. Once a cavity has developed, it will need to be filled and fixed. Regular dental cleanings are more affordable than having a filling, so make sure that you do not skip any of your checkups.

3. Gum Disease

In addition to causing tooth decay, the buildup of plaque and tartar can damage gum tissue. This occurs when the buildup of tartar leads to an infection at the gumline, causing your gums to pull away from your teeth. This condition is called gingivitis.

When gum disease progresses further, it can cause the destruction of bone that holds your teeth in place. This can lead to the loosening of teeth or even them falling out completely. When it reaches this point, specialized care is needed, which means a blow to your wallet, not to mention possible surgery and the need for medication. Maintaining regular dental checkups can help you avoid all of this unnecessary trouble.

If you have been skipping your regular dental checkups for any reason, resuming your routine can prevent painful and expensive conditions from developing down the line. Getting back on track is easy by simply contacting Image Dental & Orthodontics to schedule your next checkup. After that, we can contact you periodically to remind you of future visits.

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