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Top 7 Worst Foods for Your Teeth | Image Dental Las Vegas

September 7, 2018

Taking good care of your teeth goes way beyond regular brushing and flossing. You also have to stay on track with your dental appointments and pay attention to what you eat, too.

That's right, too much of the wrong foods can wreak havoc on your dental health even if you have a good home dental routine and you see the dentist often. You're basically asking for plaque to build up or to get a tooth stain by eating certain foods all the time, not to mention the possibility of getting a cavity or gingivitis.

Here are 7 of the worst foods for your teeth worth cutting back on.

1. Coffee and Tea

Most people consider coffee and/or tea to be a fundamental part of their daily routine. They can't start their day without coffee and they like unwinding with a nice cup of tea.

Unfortunately, these can easily stain your teeth.

It's not like you'll look in the mirror one day and a random stain will appear. However, you are increasing the chances of a stain gradually growing on your teeth by drinking these things every day. There's also the risk of yellowing all your teeth instead of having one single stain.

2. Red Wine

Alcohol can also stain your teeth, and red wine is one of the worst kinds of alcohol in regards to teeth health. It has a strong pigmentation and high acidity, an incredibly dangerous combo for your pearly whites.

3. Carbonated Drinks

Maybe you're not much of an alcohol drinker but you do enjoy an ice cold soda whenever you can. This could be even worse.

Carbonated drinks eat away at your teeth. They can damage the enamel on your teeth and their high sugar content doesn't do you any good either.

4. Acid-Heavy Foods

Wine isn't the only highly-acidic food to watch out for. Everything from orange juice to lemonade can be bad for you if you drink it too much. Other acidic foods that may surprise you include tomatoes, dairy, and certain kinds of nuts.

The acid in these items can do a number on your teeth that's hard to fix. As such, it's usually better to cut back a bit on these foods than to rely on the dentist to fix everything.

5. Bread

Here's a thought: sometimes the worst foods for your teeth are the ones that are hardest to get out from in between your teeth. Bread becomes soft and mushy once you start chewing it, which makes it really easy for it to build up and sit on your teeth/gums for a long time.

Even regular flossing can't always get it all, which means it's only a matter of time before you see a serious amount of plaque building up on your teeth.

6. Candy

This one is something you always hear about as a kid, but some people forget as they grow up. Too much candy isn't good for your health for a number of reasons, but as far as dental health goes, the sugar can create serious problems.

This is how cavities are made, and untreated cavities can turn into painful, more problematic root canals. The last thing you want is to lose a tooth over too much sugar, so watch out for how much of it is in your diet.

7. Ice

Not everyone considers ice to be food, but some people love chewing on it. If you chew on ice, you're taking a big risk with your teeth. As strong as these bones are, it only takes one wrong bite to crack a tooth - or make one fall out entirely!

Think about that the next time you want to chow down on your leftover ice.

Fight the Effects of the Worst Foods for Your Teeth

It's one thing to learn about the worst foods for your teeth and another to do something about the issues they can create. It's not like you have to cut out coffee or bread forever, but small lifestyle changes can go a long way.

Plus, that's what the dentist is here for.

If you have a lot of these foods in your diet, the best thing you can do to offset their effects is confide in your dentist. Click here to set up your next appointment and check the condition of your current dental health.

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