Why Choose Image Dental Las Vegas For Invisalign Treatment

Our Invisalign dentist in Nevada has been providing orthodontic services for many years to adults, teens, and children. Image Dental Las Vegas has a passion for enhancing our patient’s smiles because we understand the importance and impact of aesthetically pleasing straightened teeth.

We are top quality providers of Invisalign Las Vegas aligners, taking pride in the skills and experience that we have gained. By choosing Image Dental Las Vegas, you can expect a warm, comfortable experience with the help of our exceptionally-trained staff and multiple locations throughout Las Vegas and Henderson.

The treatment begins with an initial FREE Invisalign consultation with our dentist or orthodontist, during which patients discuss their dental issues and what kind of results they want to see. Once the orthodontist determines the patient is ready to begin treatment, a plan will be created to address the problems.

Call Image Dental Las Vegas at 702-803-1787.





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