Meet Dr. Gizelle Lyoubi, DDS

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Background and Credentials

Dr. Gizelle grew up in South Lake Tahoe, California. As a young child, Dr. Gizelle enjoyed skiing on the mountain slopes and making snow angels, often returning to visit. She attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Afterwards, Dr. Gizelle was accepted into the Loma Linda School of Dentistry and began her adventure into dental school.

When asked what other adventures she partakes in she said “I am guilty of having a sweet tooth and enjoy baking on my time off. I’ve also recently started taking salsa lessons to improve on my dancing skills.” Travelling and visiting different countries happens to be another of her favorite pass times, especially in the company of her family as she is the eldest of four siblings.

Looking ahead, Dr. Gizelle aims to give the best care she can to as many people as she can reach.