Forever Crown in 1 Day

At Image Dental, we’re proud to announce that we provide patients with the world famous Forever Crown. This is unlike any other dental crown out there as it’s built to last a lifetime. Consequently, we offer a guarantee on our Forever Crowns that mean we’ll produce a free replacement one if you ever experience any issues with yours. All you have to do is come in for your annual examinations and cleanings to ensure you’re taking proper care of it. This makes us the go-to place for a dental crown in Las Vegas as most other dentists only guarantee this treatment for up to 5 years. The reviews and testimonials for the Forever Crown are so positive that we’re comfortable guaranteeing it for life!

Long-Lasting Crowns Without Long Waiting Times

Typically, creating a crown can take a few weeks and require multiple appointments. Most dental practices will fit you with a temporary crown that’s incredibly uncomfortable and causes irritation while you wait for your proper one to be made. Here at Image Dental, we do things a little differently. We’ve got the technology to create dental crowns Las Vegas a lot faster than most other dental practices. There’s no more waiting around, no more length appointments, everything is sped up and made more efficient. All it takes is one appointment, and we’ll have your custom-made Forever Crown produced for you on the day. The whole process is made much easier for you, and the lack of appointments means your days aren’t disrupted. Remember, our crowns are guaranteed for life, so don’t think that the speed of our service means we lower the quality!

Dental Crowns Straight From Our In-House Lab

To make our dental crown service even better, we make all the Forever Crowns in our very own dental lab. This is located within our practice and is managed by Mohamad Taha. Mohamad has been with us for many years and has so much experience in the dental world. His craftsmanship cannot be matched, and he specializes in designing and producing various dental materials. Inside our lab, we use only the best and most updated technology available to us. This allows us to create dental crowns Las Vegas made out of groundbreaking materials like Zirconia. The fact that we have a lab on our premises - along with all the incredible technology inside it - is the main reason we can produce such long-lasting dental crowns in such a short amount of time.

Get Your Forever Crown Today

Dental crowns Las Vegas are used for many different things, such as; protecting a tooth from decay, restoring broken teeth, covering an implant, or even just improving the cosmetic appearance of a tooth. If you’re looking for the best dental crown in Las Vegas, then Image Dental is the only place to go. With our Forever Crowns, you get a crown that’s guaranteed to last forever, and it’s all done for you within one appointment.

Contact us today, and we can book you in for an appointment at a time that suits you!

Forever Crown in Las Vegas